EMC FA WWPN Decoder and Encoder

December 4, 2013 , wwpn-decoder-and-encoder

This is the first time that I am writing a blog post about a utility, that is developed by me. Usually I never used to keep any kind of descriptions to explain the functionality and purpose of the utilities; rather, I like to believe in the exploring ability of my fellow Storage Administrators.

But these two utilities, WWPN Encoder & Decoder, are different. EMC already offering same kind of utilities in their Global Services Tools Website, but with limited features.

I enhanced these utilities by referring the primus solutions from EMC to provide more useful information’s with fewer efforts.

WWPN Decoder : This can be used to encode EMC FA port WWPN(s) and get the information’s like Array Serial number, Array Model and Director/Processor/Port details. We can encode multiple WWPNs at a time.

WWPN Encoder : This utility can encode FA WWPNs from the array serial number and Director/Processor/Port combinations. In contrast with EMC’s native encoding tool, this can be used to generate the FA WWPNs for the entire array in a single click.

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