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» How to Display the amount and details of memory configured ?

  • symcfg -sid 1234 list -memory
    Description: shows the amount and details of memory configure in the array .

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  • symcfg -sid 1234 list -rdfg 3
    Description: List details about rdf group 3 .

  • symdev -sid 1234 list -range ABC:ABE -v
    Description: show the detailed information of devices ABC to ABE.

  • symmaskdb -sid 1234 -dev ABC list assign
    Description: List the masking details of the dev ABC .

  • symmask list hba
    Description: List HBA details of the host.

  • syminq hba
    Description: Shows the HBA details of the local host like HBA Name , WWN etc..

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