EMC FA WWPN Decoder and Encoder

December 4, 2013 , wwpn-decoder-and-encoder

This is the first time that I am writing a blog post about a utility, that is developed by me. Usually I never used to keep any kind of descriptions to explain the functionality and purpose of the utilities; rather, I like to believe in the exploring ability of my fellow Storage Administrators.

But these two utilities, WWPN Encoder & Decoder, are different. EMC already offering same kind of utilities in their Global Services Tools Website, but with limited features.

I enhanced these utilities by referring the primus solutions from EMC to provide more useful information’s with fewer efforts.

WWPN Decoder : This can be used to encode EMC FA port WWPN(s) and get the information’s like Array Serial number, Array Model and Director/Processor/Port details. We can encode multiple WWPNs at a time.

WWPN Encoder : This utility can encode FA WWPNs from the array serial number and Director/Processor/Port combinations. In contrast with EMC’s native encoding tool, this can be used to generate the FA WWPNs for the entire array in a single click.

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Configure DLINK DSL-2520U Modem with Airtel Broadband

October 10, 2013 , configure-dlink-dsl-2520u-modem-with-airtel-broadband

I bought a DLINK DSL 2520U Modem to replace my faulty Beetel Modem. ( My broadband connection is two years old and Airtel provides replacement warranty only up to one year. )

Here is the steps that i followed to configure the new modem with Airtel Broadband connection.

Connected the modem with my pc though the Ethernet port. I could able access the modem configuration page through URL:, and authorised with below credentials.

default username : admin
default password : admin

I changed the highlighted values on the SETUP screen and kept default values for the remaining.


2. I was not remembering the PPP username/password , which was configured long back. I called Airtel customer care , and they provided this information.

Service Name can be anything. Keep the Connection Type as PPPoE LLC. Make sure the Authentication is Auto and NAT is enabled.

3. Change VPI to 1 and VCI to 32.

Save the settings by clicking the button at the end of the screen. Reboot the modem.You will be all setup to use the internet connection.

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ASURA : Tale of the vanished

August 11, 2013 , asura-tale-of-the-vanquished

Today i received a copy of Asura: Tale of the Vanquished. Anand Neelakantan retelling the epic of Ramayana from the view point of Ravana , reveals many human emotions behind these stories and logically presents a new perspective for the events.

Grab your copy from Amazone.in , with free shipping !

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The Symmetry

August 8, 2013 , the-symmetry

Experimentation of symmetrical shapes on canvas using acrylic paints .( digitally framed )

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Three Fishes

February 11, 2013 , three-fishes

There were three big fishes living in a lake who were very close friends. All three of them were very different from one another. The first one believed in fate. He thought things cannot be changed and what had to happen will happen no matter what. The second one was intelligent. He thought he knew how to solve a problem if he had one, with his intelligence. The third one was the wise one. It thought long and hard before acting.

So one day, the wise fish was happily playing around in the water, when it over heard a fishermen talking to another. "Look at that one, what a big fish... This lake is full of big fishes like this one. Let us come tomorrow and catch them."

It hurriedly swam to it's friends to tell the news. "Let us get out of this lake before those fishermen come back. A canal I know can take us to another lake," the wise one said.

The intelligent fish said, " I know what to do if the fishermen come and catch me."

The fish which believed in fate said, "Whatever to happen will happen, I was born in this lake and I am not going to leave it."

The wise fish didn't want to risk its life, so he took the canal and went to another lake.

The fishermen came back the next morning and cast their net. The rest of the two friends were caught in it along with many other fishes.

The intelligent fish thought of a way to escape, it acted as if it were dead. The fishermen threw him along with other dead fish back into the lake. But the other fish which believed in fate was still jumping in the net and the fishermen struck him dead.

Story moral: Intelligence wins over might.
( From Panchatanthra )

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